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Zeke Titus, better known as "GameTime" was born in Buffalo, NY, who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.  He is an international entertainer and entrepreneur for over 10 years, working with celebrities like Meek Mill, MiguelCiara, Amber Rose and many many more.

He has been professionaly teaching dance since he was 21.  Not only has gametime been a traveling  dancer, but has inspired people around the world who feel that dance is out of their system, or those who feel that learning to dance is impossible.  

in addition, GameTime has been transitioning into music that will be dropping this spring 21', as well as being the voice of plus size male and female dancer's across the globe. 

Body positivity is something that he strongly advocates, while pursuing other endeavors in entertainment. 

Currently, GameTime has teamed up with the HausHill Entertainment family of creatives to explore a variety of topics, on What Da' Damn Deal?! - a visual podcast.  What Da' Damn Deal?! airs every Sunday at 8:00/PST on the HausHill Entertainment networks and all of your finest digital and audio platforms. 

What Da' Damn Deal?! is a weekly, and very mature, visual podcast that details different topics under the sun.  Topics include everything from entertainment, to relatable topics in the eyes of GameTime. 

In addition, GameTime likes to invite special guests to talk about their experiences on certain topics, as well as their journey of trials and tribulations. 

The purpose of this visual podcast is to authentically discuss things that many people are afraid to talk about in its rawest form.  With drinks and "at-home" vibes, What Da' Damn Deal?! is a safe space for people to be open and honest with themselves, so that other people can relate as well.

"Overall, spread love, give people their flowers, stay positive, respectful... But don't be afraid to talk yo' shit! "- GameTime


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