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A Few Good Ways... To Monetize Your Content!

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Podcasts have been around since the beginning of time. So it seems! The introduction of podcasts came with Apple's iPod. It was 2004 when journalist Ben Hammersly coined the term "podcasting" in a newspaper article for The Guardian. In the article, Ben talked about the leveraging potentials for an upside in amateur radio.


In 2001, Apple released its iPod lineup.

In 2005, Apple added podcasts to iTunes.

In 2005, U.S President George W. Bush became a podcaster

In 2005, People's Choice introduced their version of "People's Choice Podcast Awards"

In 2006, Steve Jobs demonstrated how to make a podcast using GarageBand.

In March 2009, Adam Corolla became the Guinness World Record holder for the most downloads (podcast). From 2009-2011 he acquired 59 million unique downloads.

In 2013, Apple announces 1 billion podcast subscribers.

In 2017, Court rules against claim, stating that they did not invent the way of podcasting and could not claim royalties for infringement.

In 2019, 165 million people have either listened to and/or downloaded a podcast.

In 2020, HausHill Entertainment created the first creative podcast/digital platform that encompasses the "Underdog". Giving access to resources via its Media and Entertainment Networks.


Accepting donations is an effortless way to monetize your podcast or show. Donations can be sourced through a variety of ways, including dedicated audience members of your content, down to GoFund Me, etc.


Sponsors are a great way to build your personal and brand presence among business communities and more... In most cases, sponsors will pay you to do either a "live read" or "pre-insertion" method - which are strategically placed though your podcast/show.

Types of Podcast Advertising:

1) Pre-Roll Ad Spots - are advertising points that are placed at the beginning of your podcast as part of your introduction. The host would spend about 15-seconds or so promoting your brand or business.

2) Mid-Roll Ad Spots - are advertising points that are placed at in the middle of your podcast, usually prior to commercial break. These ads are more in-depth, with the host spending up to a minute promoting your brand or business.

3) Post-Roll Ad Spots - are advertising points that are places toward the end of your podcast.

Post-Roll ads usually run up to a minute, but can be longer.


Bonus content is a great way to make money for your time, sweat and creative efforts. Give your audience some gems for free and then offer some bonus content for a little extra.


Let's start with the facts! Podcasts easily generate mid five figures in revenue yearly. Let's also face it, people love to talk about themselves - don't you?!

  • Start a social media account - Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc for your podcast and/or show.

  • Post content that your audience and followers can connect to.

  • Make your content clear, precise and add call to actions for more scaleable results.


1) Don't put the horse before the carriage. Build your audience.

2) After building your audience. Get to know them. Engage with them outside of promoting your podcast or other initiative right away.

3) Make things personal. Everyone dislikes a copy + paste message. You get the point.

4) Create simple call to actions. Keep in mind why you started podcasting in the first place. Be honest and ask for true advice. Create coupon codes for your product or merchandise to accompany your show.

5) Create unique campaigns and marketing strategies. If you are podcasting just for fun, that's one thing. However, if you plan to monetize at all you'd need to move with purpose and FAST. With a vast number of podcasts out there, you don't want to get lost in the mix with nothing purposeful to offer.


Podcast Network - the idea of having a network collection of podcasts who all host and distribute from the same parent company.

  • One of our favorite and popular podcast network is HHM Podcasts who hosts an array of podcasts, movies, digital web series, music and documentary. A top benefit of HHM Podcast Network is that it allows content creators and storytellers to monetize their content more effortlessly than its competitors (YouTube, Apple Podcast, Spotify, etc). They also have an app for iOS and Android - for their Network which is a rare benefit compared to its competitors.

  • Usually podcast networks share a percentage of revenue that the network makes.

  • Great podcast networks usually have additional features, benefits and services to help accommodate your podcast.


In these times its almost imperative to start your own business or company. Creating a brand that offers something sustainable for everyday people is the way to go these days.

Here are a few keys when promoting your product on your podcast or digital show:

  • Subtle product promotion

  • Built trust with your audience

  • Decide whether your going to do a live read or have someone else record a drop for your product

  • Some great brands looking for product placement for advertising and monetization services are Omar's Organics, NTNTL, Eyegasmic Los Angeles and more...

Happy Podcasting!

HausHill Creative Team


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