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Celebrity Journalist & Fashion Guru SMITH WorldWide Launches Clothier and Accessory Line BBH


What better time than summer 21' to drop a full ready-to-wear apparel and accessory brand?

Created by CEO/Founder SMITH WorldWide Blaq Beverly Hills came in sweeping summer 2021. Soft launching in 2019, the brand is designed to first pay homage to the hard-working Black professionals and ARTrepreneurs in LA who by the sweat of their brow worked their way to building a neighborhood in LA known as Black Beverly Hills. The line pays homage to the blue-collar worker as well as those who like street aesthetic mixed with a royal appeal.

Blaq Beverly Hills features a bar-code emblem as a reminder to always know your value before anyone else tries to "scan you." The stick-figured font leans to the notion that as we climb in the greatness to not forget to play. The balance is premiere.

Check out some of these dope, unique pieces from the BBH (Blaq Beverly Hills) store:

With over 15 years of clothing and accessory design, Blaq Beverly Hills is guaranteed to have the style you need. Based in L.A. and available WorldWide, check out the BBH store today by clicking here.

Congratulations SMITH on all of your business and creative endeavors!!! Keep reaching for the stars and touching the galaxies!!!

SMITH WorldWide is also the host of the hit 90's Voicemail Podcast, So What We Not' Gon' Do...


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