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Four Domains of Strength Based Leadership.

Executing - know how to make things happen. Work tirelessly to get things done. Turn things into reality.

Influencing - help team members reach a much broader audience. Making sure their group or team is heard or seen. Always selling the teams or companies ideas.

Relationship Building -The “Glue”; those that hold the team/group together. Exceptional relationship building skills. More than a sum of its parts.

Strategic Thinking - highly creative. Prefer working with high level ideas vs tasks. Always looking for new information or cutting corners. Innovate and create competitive advantage.

“Model the Way’ -

  1. Be the model you expect of others

  2. Setting personal examples of what you expect of other people

  3. Set time to ensure that goals are being met

  4. Follow through with goals and commitments

  5. Find ways to get feedback on goals and commitments within

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