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Get To Know YouTube in 2020! Know Your Rights.

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

1) Is it okay to upload an entire cartoon episode without the authorization of the copyright owner as long as I'm just sharing it with my friends, family and fans.

ANSWER: No, you must have the appropriate rights to upload content to YouTube, regardless of who you share it with.

2) The following things are copyrightable: names, places, faces and spaces.

ANSWER: No, in order for something to be protected by copyright, it must be creative, expressive, unique and fixed in some form.

3) Giving credit to the creator in your videos description is enough to prevent copyright infringement from occurring.

ANSWER: You may need authorization from the coputight holder in order to post third-party content. Mentioning or giving credit does not absolve you of this responsibility.

4) Anyone can issue a copyright claim on behalf of someone else.

ANSWER: Only the copyright owner or an authorized representative can issue a copyright claim for their content on YouTube.

Happy Creating!

- HausHill Creative Team


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