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Listen, Learn, Repeat - 5 Podcast To Feed The Mind & Soul

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

It’s 2019, no one really learns by picking up a book anymore unless its mandatory for school and even most of that information can be found digitally. So how does one go about learning in this online world? The answer in short is streaming. Just as we now get all of our favorite shows and movies on demand we can also get valuable information without having to crack open a book or visit a library (yes, an old skool dungeon where books live). People learn how to become the world’s next best chef, make up experts, or how to build a table from a broken down tree in their backyard all through the power of the web. So, in the interest of expanding our minds let’s take a look at 5 creative podcasts that are sure to provide insight and possibly entertain you along the way.

The Read: Fan favorite, The Read is a weekly podcast featuring Crissle West and Kid Fury speaking love, self help, and common sense into our ears. Everything from politics to nonsense is covered here with a fresh and engaging tone that will definitely get your brain to thinking. 

Duct Tape Marketing: The name says it all. John Jantsch, author and entrepreneur, teaches listeners how to put together a solid marketing plan that works for any kind of business. A great listen for anyone who’s looking to expand or lost in all the possibilities of marketing tactics. 

How Did This Get Made: Ever wonder how that horrible nonsense of a movie on Netflix even made it to the box office? Then this podcast is perfect for you. Paul Sheer, June Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas pick a random movie each week and dive into not only the best/worst scenes but provide some behind the screen info that you never knew you needed. 

Guys We Fucked: This one is for everyone. Comedians Corrine Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson hilariously navigate personal growth and relationships in this hour+ long podcast. They often feature guests who are just as funny and just as deep as they are with even more interesting stories to tell.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: Reppin for the culture! Entrepreneur Jay Jones doles out advice and inspiration on how to start and run a business and the importance of building a community while building your dreams. This one is necessary for everyone looking to diversify their net worth. 


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