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Music Never Really Dies

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

It’s never been a secret that today’s popular musicians are (in more ways than one) influenced by a variety of their predecessors. Whether directly through mentorship or just their musical stylings, the talents of the former greats can‘t be denied and inherently make way for next round of faves. Pick any top 10 song from the billboard charts and if you dig hard enough you’ll find a lyrical reference, a sound loop, or a melody that’s faintly recognizable but significant enough to inspire a full album. 

The best part about these references is that it ties tradition and style across generations. Beyonce yet again stunned the world with her take on the Frankie Beverly and Maze classic Before I let Go which, for me, reminded me of every family picnic and elderly relative joyously telling me “You don’t know nothing about this boy”. Prior to that Ariana Grande reminded us all of Justin Timberlake’s legacy in her hit Break Up With Your Girlfriend by borrowing the melody and lyrics to N’Sync’s deep cut It Makes Me Ill for the bridge. In both cases my childhood rejoiced but more importantly it signified music never truly dies. 

Take a listen to a few of these new under the radar cuts and see if you can figure out where the inspiration comes from. Spoiler alert, the names are included. Enjoy. 

Other Timeless Greats:

Do It To Me - DaniLeigh

So Gone - Vedo

So Gone - Monica

Ain’t Nobody - Karizma Duo

Ain’t Nobody - Chaka Khan


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