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Sagittarius Energy - Dec. 1 - Dec. 7

Well sag fam its the second week of Sagittarius season and we're in full effect.

In my last post I talked about how busy of a year its been. To be honest, I can't remember most of it, as I was either busy working it or living it. From one thing, to the next my plate has been full. Let's face it, most of us don't know when to rest, whether that be mentally or physically. The fire inside of us and other fire signs alike, keep us restless. Did I mention spiritually and financially?

The older we get the faster time seems to fly. Or maybe time didn't have perception when we were young. Anywho, 2022 went by like a ray of light. Spring quickly slipped into summer and now we're here, a few weeks away from a new 365 days. If you're anything like me then you're already in the new year. Before we get ahead of ourselves lets take a bit to wrap up some unfinished things from 2022.

Here's a some things that you can do to get yourself aligned before the new year:

  1. Drink more water

  2. Find a short book or watch meaningful/educational video(s)

  3. Return phone calls/text messages and emails that you've been putting off

  4. Organize your life! Get rid of old mail and other junk that may be in the way

  5. Purge your social media accounts of inactive followers

  6. Buy yourself a planner or calendar to start planning your year ahead

  7. Start a healthier lifestyle

This week fire signs let's work on celebrating our season in its entirety.

I'll be dropping a post weekly for us Sags' to stay afloat and on the same accord.

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Written by: Jovon Pavielle/@JoJoJovon for Haus of Blog


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