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Sagittarius Energy - Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

Scorpio season has officially ended, which means Sagittarius energy is in full force! Full of life and exploration, I'm feeling like a new energy is amongst us. This isn't so much of a zodiac reading, but more of an enlightened message for my fellow sags out there.

We've been busy this year indeed. Planting and sowing seeds as always. Tending to our gardens and helping others prune theirs. We are filled with insight. We are filled with knowledge. Half self-experience, half of "what is written", we are always looking for more. Growing and navigating through all scenario's placed in our path, this was an insightful and productive year overall.

Wouldn't you agree?

One thing is for sure a Sag will always be busy doing something productive.

I've been seeing my angel number a lot, which happens to be my birthday 1127. My angel number represents faith and encourages us to have self-belief. Angel number 1127 is a vivid reminder from our guardian angels that we are on the right path, and that what we are doing is right no matter how doubtful we may be.

Have you heard of angel numbers? Are you tapped in?

Drop your angel number below in the comments, let's keep the conversation going.

Have you seen your Angel number lately?

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I'll be dropping a post weekly for us Sags' to stay afloat and on the same accord.

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Jovon Pavielle

Digital Creator & Serial Entrepreneur


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