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#SlickTalk Podcast Is Back & Blacker Than Ever!!!

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

When (hashtag) #SlickTalk Podcast Dev & JB came to HausHill Entertainment Network earlier this year for Season 4, we knew they were a force to be reckoned. They hit the ground running with even more TABOO, yet Necessary Conversations.

(hashtag) #SlickTalk Podcast - is a multi-dimensional podcast featuring two highly opinionated & passionate Black men. Within each episode, they explore, discover and address the components that make up their intersected identities and communities.

Based in Oakland, CA and established in June of 2018, these two very good friends first got the idea of creating a old cast after having bi-weekly “wine downs” where they came together, sat around a table with wine and discussed any and everything that came to mind.

Topics included: Gentrificaton, cultural appropriation, love/relationships and entertainment. Thes multifaceted black men are on a mission to make you laugh & love again. But also to create dialogue, empathy and safe spaces in their community & culture.”

Make no mistakes, Dev & JB are seasoned podcast professionals, with networking capabilities and amazing effort poured into every season. For season 5, the guys blessed the us with a whole new look. From the poppin’ teal color, to the new cover-art by graphic designer @beeniehead (IG) - THIS IS IT!!

Season 5, episode 1 of (hashtag) #SlickTalk premiered yesterday, Monday, August 24, 2020. The episode is titled “Shooting the Sh!t: Are We Still on Lockdown”.

S5 Episode 1 Show Notes:

From “Black is King”, to Meg Thee Stalllion getting shot, to WAP, and literally EVERYTHING in between, you’d think that were out of this lockdown! Let’s talk about all that has happened in the last two months.

Music Credit: Yondo Music | Podcast Network: HausHill Entertainment

Here’s what people are saying:

Bringing even more impactful and creative content to the network we are beyond excited and thrilled to have Dev & JB, (hashtag) #SlickTalk Podcast be part of the HausHill Entertainment family.

Keep up with Dev & JB and all the (hashtag) #SlickTalk shenanigans and more:

Listen to Slick Talk Podcast Seasons 1-5 Now:

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