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#SlickTalk Podcast Season 4 Finale "Shooting the S#!T"

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Hosts Dev The Coolest & JB hit us with a very crazy, funny and cool season 4 finale of their hit podcasts, Slick Talk. We are excited to have the Slick Talk podcast be apart of our entertainment network. As always, we strive to bring you the most current, creative and ground-breaking content, which Dev & JB do just that!

Slick Talk Podcast was started in 2018 as a virtual safe space to have black, inclusive and controversial conversations. If you haven't already please check out the Slick Talk podcast seasons 1-4.

Check out the Slick Talk podcast now:

HausHill Entertainment Instagram:

We wish the slick talkers Dev & JB a successful and productive break. They will be spending time catching up with their individual projects in addition to bringing you a break-out season 5! Stay tuned!

Haus of Blog Post by Carmen Ruiz | Contributor


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