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Songs Perfect for Fridays

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Friday is the day of the week that most of us look forward to. It's finally the end of a long week and we've got a couple days to kick back. What better way to start the weekend off than with some good vibrations. Here are some Friday jams to get your weekend started.

Aaliyah - "Back & Forth" (1994)

How could any Friday go wrong with Aaliyah's melodic voice on this 90's throwback? Smoothly placed, the first line comes in with "Its Friday, and I'm ready to swing, pick up my girls and hit the party scene".

Johnny Kemp - "Just Got Paid" (1988)

I vividly remember this being a vibe in early 90s movies and highly played on the radio til' this day.

Mark Morrison - "Return of the Mack" (1996)

I remember being young and loving this whole vibe. The beat and lyrics keep take us to a time when music was fun. Who doesn't love Mark Morrison?

Ice Cube - "Friday" (1995)

This song defines a good ole' west coast Friday.

Rihanna - "Cheers (Drink To That)" (2010)

This one is self-explanatory. Cheers.

Outkast - "Hey Ya!" (2003)

How could we not include Outkast and Hey Ya. While this one had to grow on me musically and doesn't speciflically mention Friday, its a creative masterpiece. As a matter of fact, anything Outkast touches is gold.

Jadakiss - "We Gonna Make It (feat. Styles P)" (2001)

Whenever this song drops the club goes nuts. Play this on a Good Friday morning or evening and it'll set the vibe. The vibed-out hook, rather chant goes something like "We gon' make it, we got' make it, we gon' make it...". How could you not feel like we really gon' make it.

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Written by: Jovon Pavielle/@JoJoJovon for Haus of Blog


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