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“The Privilege Show” – Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary…

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

In 2018, Chicago native, Jovon “Jojo” Pavielle started the socially charged, debatable and dope – “The Privilege Show” podcast. He brought along two of his close, hometown friends Lorie Moore and Rovonder “Roro” Jordan to co-host the podcast. The podcast was taped and recorded at the beautifully-renowned, VonDero Studios in North Hollywood, California.

This comical bunch managed to rake in over 1,000 downloads within 3 months on air. We’re talking just ONE season!

Season 1 of The Privilege show starred guest names like, celebrity storyteller and fellow creative SMITH Worldwide and Rodney John, celebrity make-up artist and fashion designer. The roll-out season packed 12-episodes totaling 1 plus hours of things that people want to talk about. Things that stir our thoughts to stir wholesome conversations.

Topics for season 1 include everything from “The King of R&B”, down to exploring and prioritizing diverse topics within music, politics and world news. Lorie and Roro have since decided to continue their creative paths in music, production and entrepreneurial efforts.


DAWN OF A NEW ERA: The Privilege Show Season 2

Monday, February 24, 2020 Season 2 marked a new dawn for “The Privilege Show” franchise. With a cast of fresh faces (Isaac Hayes, Angora Lashane, Cecily Jameila & Dalvii Perkins) and creative/visual efforts to propel the podcast, Season 2 became an instant success. Of course we didn’t know that 2020 was going to through us loops like this. Take a look at how the Privileged navigated us through + more...

Season 2 hit the gate with direct topics like:

S2, E1: “Toxic Masculinity”

S2, E2: “Toxic Femininity”

S2, E3: “Making It In Hollywood”

S2, E4: “Let’s Talk About Sex…”

S2, E5: “Our New Norm – Quarantined” Pt. 1

S2, E6: “Where’s All the Sanitizer?! – Quarantined” Pt. 2

S2, E7: “If You Think You’re Lonely Now…”

S2, E8: “Success During Quarantine” ft. Beyoncé & Jay Z. (Motivation)

S2, E9: “Today We’re Making N*ggers”

S2, E10: “Tha Block Is Hot”

S2, E11: “They Say I’m Crazy…Maybe I’m Crazy…” Pt. 1

S2, E12: “They Say I’m Crazy…Maybe I’m Crazy…” Pt. 2

S2, E13: “BBQ & Beaches – Still Quarantined”

S2, E14: “The Privilege Talks” (Season 2 Finale) ft. Trey Rich (Creative, Choreographer, Comdedian) Stephanie Caston (After School Instructor, Attorney), William Syms (Nation Builder, NAACP), Daleth Cooper (Front Line Worker) & Aerick Lucky (Creative, Choreographer, Entrepreneur).

Season 3 of The Privilege Show airs Monday, October 5, 2020 at 8am on all of your finest audio platforms.


To celebrate the 2-year anniversary of the socially charged, debatable and dope show, producers of the show have decided to create an after show titled, “The Privilege Talks”. The Privilege Talks will be the epicenter for healthy debates, zoning in on topics from The Privilege Show. Stay tuned for further information on more Privilege Show news...

Check out Seasons 1 & 2 of The Privilege Show by clicking here:


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