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Throwback Jam - by Donnell Jones "Shorty (Got Her Eyes On Me)"

Erykah Badu

We're back for another Throwback (Thursday) Jam!

As I said in our last jam session, I love a good throwback music moment. This week we're jamming out to one of my all time favorite Donnell Jones songs "Shorty (Got Her Eyes On Me)" off of his 1999 album "Where I Wanna Be".

Donnell released "Where I Wanna Be" on October 12, 1999, as a follow up to his first album release "My Heart" (1996) was an instant success. With the leading single and worldwide hit "U Know What's Up" (ft. Left Eye) ,"Where I Wanna Be" did double the amount in sales. In fact, the album is RIAA Certified Platinum, with the leading single reaching the top 10 in the Billboard Hot 100 and number two on UK Singles Chart.

"Where I Wanna Be" boasts a smooth 13 tracks that can honestly be listened to in chronological order. If you happen to be a skipper, here are a few other dope tracks off of the album, "Where I Wanna Be", "This Luv" & "I Wanna Luv U".

One of my personal favorites, "Shorty (Got Her Eyes On Me)" is track number 2 on the album. The song was written by Donnell Jones, Eric Williams, Wesley Hodges, Christopher Leslie, Melvin Lewis and Thomas Martin was written for the lovers.

Not only did Donell's voice seam effortlessly over the bass, but the instrumentation is flawless with a mean guitar riff. The track was produced by Donnell Jones and mixed at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta GA.

Check out "Shorty (Got Her Eyes On Me)" here:

Donnell gently croons into the second verse:

"While watching you move I start to fantasize

About the way I'm gon' put it on that ass tonight

So come on and ride shotgun

I got the bubbles, if you like it, we can pop some

I see me and you, flossing in my coupe

Maybe we can peel back the roof and get it on

Did I say you're body's blameful?

I like that little thing around your navel, baby


Its a quarter past three

Girl what's it gon' be

Shorty got her eyes on me"

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Written by: Jovon Pavielle/@JoJoJovon for Haus of Blog


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