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Tyler The Creator, You Just Made My EarfQuake

Any true music lover will tell you that as most music albums go you're more than likely only going to enjoy maybe 4/5 out of 10 songs on any given LP. That won’t be said (at least by me) of Tyler the Creator’s 5th studio album IGOR. Over the years we’ve seen Tyler be wild and raunchy on a number of songs and on TV but this album feels different. This feels like the young lyricist grew exponentially both sonically and personally and developed a body of work with both depth and creativity. From the clever title names to seamless interludes and melodic beats this Columbia backed gem is a fully fleshed out project that takes you on an emotional journey and worthy of several listens. Stream a couple songs below and get hooked. 

Break Out Songs:



Stream the full album on Spotify below. 


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