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Waiting For Creativity To Strike

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Creative blocks happen to me so often that I have no idea how to get anything done at times. One minute I’m full of ideas and plans that flow so seamlessly I feel like a savant, others I get frustrated with myself because the smallest ideas doesn’t want to cooperate and just exist. I spend time re-reading the same sentence over and over or listening to the same melody as if the inspiration would just strike me and the next piece would magically appear. It never works and I end up feeling angry at myself. We’ve all been there right? So I came up with a three easy steps I now live by that help me break through those blocks and get running down that creative roadway. 

Exercise: I learned this one from a movie. Physical activity gets your blood pumping and your endorphins flowing (“endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don’t kill people” - get the reference? lol) and when that happens you start to process things rapidly yet freely. This allows you to subconsciously work through your problem while also physically helping your restless body and mind be active. Next time you’re stuck just drop what your doing and go for a run. 

Do Something Else: Most times when we hit that wall we are focused too intently on it and not the reason it’s there in the first place. Taking a little break and doing anything else helps you relax, change your mindset, and come back to the issue with new insight and possibly a whole new way to get over that hurdle. 

Be A Weirdo: This one is probably my favorite. You are a creative person right? So get creative. Throw paint on a wall, start working on a new idea, dance naked, anything to help you feel inspired. It’s keeping with the same theme of taking a break as the other steps but this one at least lets you express your frustration while having fun. 

Creativity will come and go. And remember you’re talented and have just hit the same tiny roadblock we all hit. Don’t let it get you down. Try one of these steps or all of them and then get right back to it. You got this!

Haus of Blog Post by George Robinson IV | Chief Editor HausHill Media


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