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What's Beef? Ex-Host's of the Privilege Show Season 1 Go At it On IG

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

So it looks like Musician, Actress & Ex-CoHost of the socially charged, debatable and dope Privilege Show Lorie V. Moore and Jovon Pavielle shared some words over social media platforms late Friday evening regarding the 2019 fallout of the hit visual podcast.

It all started when the current Privilege Show host, and HausHill Entertainment Founder & CEO, Jovon Pavielle went to his Instagram to talk to his viewers about the diss track made for him, by ex co-hosts Lorie V. Moore & Vondero Jordan. The fast-paced track titled "Come Easily", which was written and produced by both Lorie and Vondero, at the Vondero Studios in North Hollywood California.

Some of the lyrics to "Come Easily":

Lorie "If you doubt me ni**a, apprarently I got sh*t to prove. Lucky I'm no fool, so I just watched you perform, and clap your hands in my face like you was ready to fight. Like you was in that space. Like I was stunned and stoned, and Thank GOD, cause otherwise... Well let's just Thank GOD.

Vondero: "Cat's crying over a mouse be the cheesiest."

While the lyrics were subtle, they still managed to cross the desk of Jovon Pavielle who took to Instagram to ask his fans whether he should respond or not.

Check out his IG post here.

We're hoping for a great resolve for the once dynamic trio.


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