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Frequently asked questions

What is the HausHill Entertainment app?

HausHill Entertainment app is an interactive, engaging, creatively encompassing and user-friendly platform that brings together creatives from all parts of the world... in one place. A place to showcase creative, expressive and entrepreneurial efforts through a single platform. Providing access to resources, materials, products and business tools to help empower their creative, busienss and/or entertainment goals.

How much does HausHill Entertainment app cost?

The HausHill Entertainment app is 100% free for download on iOS and Google Play devices.

Where can I listen and watch?

You have multiple options to enjoy our free and premium content. Download the HausHill Entertainment app in the App Store (iOS, Google Play store) Check out HausHill Entertainment on Smart TVs, Playstation, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, Blu-ray players and more. Also you can subsribe to our network on YouTube.

How do I add my content to the HausHill Entertainment Network app?

Whether you currently have exisitng content, concepts or ideas "in-the-can", we offer flexible and competive distribution + hosting plans. You can become a content creator, storyteller, producer, host and more on the HausHill Entertainment Networks by emailing us at or visit our media site and get more familiar with more features and benefits of joining our creative, storytelling network!

What can I do on the HausHill Entertainment app?

On the HausHill Entertainment app you can stream and download your favorite podcasts and digital web series. Also download some of your favorites' show notes, shop exclusive merchandise, unlock bonus content and more. Our podcast and show line up is refreshed monthly. Additional updates coming in future software releases.

Where can other HausHill related content and activities be found?

For other HausHill related media, services and products, visit

Is HausHill Entertainment on Social Media?

Yes follow us on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.