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New Visualizer "Child's Play" by David Sincere Out Now

Updated: May 27, 2023

Musician and New York native David Sincere recently dropped a new BOP on all streaming platforms this past Halloween titled "Child's Play". Although the actual song was released on Halloween, the Sincere Society just hit us with 2 different lyrics videos for the single.

Paying homage and playing off of the 1988 film "Child's Play" created by Don Mancini, David went all the way Charles Lee Ray.

You know?! Chucky, the cold-hearted killing Good Guys doll?

From the hair, costuming, down to the props David and Sincere Society nailed this one.

One things for sure, David Sincere is going to go all out with the visuals. According to reps for David, he hired renowned photographer Ian Dew (@iandew_photography) to capture shots for the singles cover art.

The uptempo track "Child's Play" produced by @Room808Studio @Cleetchie has a bounce to it. David's flow seamlessly over the beat like water.

The lyrics are catchy and timeless:

"Don't compare me, I'm the shit, they some butt wipes. Ripped from a different fa-ba-ric. I'm not cut right. Flip if im missing any chips, get ya' guts sliced. I don't hang around, although I'm up high. I don't touch down, I only hug skies. I don't see the ground, until I fog flies, then I'm stomping in ya' town, makin' sure the bugs die. "

Both visual videos for the David Aiken bop were created and edited by HausHill's very own Jovon Pavielle. The 1st visual installment is out now on David Sincere YouTube page, while the 2nd visualizer is out now for streaming exclusively on HHE.

Click on each image to watch the different lyric videos for "Child's Play" by David Sincere.

David Sincere YT visualizer:

HausHill Entertainment visualizer:


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