Hearts & Lessons

I always thought if i got my heart broke what would i do..but usually when you sign up for love..thats the last thing you think about happening to you..little did you know its the most common thing that people have to go through..but it was different walking down my path..she took my heart at hello and didnt even ask..i always wondered if love was a test would i pass? if it was a race would i finish first? or finish last..cause right now its lookin like pain is catchin' up from behind fast..she's cuttin' corners and cuttin' off circulation to my shield and my mask from over my heart..rushin' through my body i felt her from the start..thinkin with my heart instead of my head thinkin' that i was smart..failing to realize they weren't together anymore just drifting apart...

Never give somebody all of you..because them saying they'd accept the other half of you isnt always true..Never give somebody your all..cause sometimes giving them your back they wont catch you if you fall..they'll leave you alone to figure it out for yourself..not caring if you needed any help..Not giving a damn about what you thought or how you felt..Just selfish trying to snatch everything out of you under they're belt..that includes feelings, thoughts, hopes and dreams...most of the time the love they tell you that you'll receive isn't always what it seems...

My heart is shattered, battered and cracked..but i applaud you for that..you showed me the reality of love and not a fantasy..you killed all the dreams i had of you comin back to me..living the perfect life..having the perfect family..but now none of that matters to me..cause my hearts in the garbage where you planned for it to be..least you could of did was pick up the pieces and hand it to me..but i had to do it i guess thats the man in me?...

Chasin' and chasin' after you..sometimes i wish you'd tell me how to get back to you..not physically but mentally...because if we don't want the same things we're not meant to be..trust and honesty is all i want you to hand to me..and in return ill give you the promise to be the man i said id be..but how can it happen if we keep switchin' relationship status's like plan a to plan b? eventually we'll make it all the way down to plan c..where the shows we put on facebook wont remain a factor..then we'll loose the script and stop bein' actors..and get back to the roots of love like planters...

-TMC Pen Griffey | Haus of Blog Contributor

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