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I Know What You Need...

Somebody that'll make you touch the sky..somebody who won't make you cry..but if you do they'll still hold you without askin why..who won't cheat on you..and wouldn't try to cover up the smallest things with a lie..just somebody to dream with..somebody you see with eye to eye..willing to battle for your heart and isn't afraid to try..i know what you need..

That one person who'll do the little things just to get far..somebody who'll make you feel like your more important than just showin you off in his car..somebody who'll make you feel like in space your the most important dont need the ones that constantly confuse you..then tell you they love you not knowin if they dont mean it,it verbally abuse's you..the ones who dont care if they loose you..nah you need the one who in that very second he choose's you and ONLY you..that one person who cares more about what you need than what you want..i know what you need..

Somebody to laugh with..that you can chill with..and when it comes down to it..climb the highest mountain or hill with..not someone who gives you gifts to make you feel missed..but the ones that really matter..the REAL gifts..a gift where you feel secure about them bein honest..the gifts that make your whole soul shift..somebody who knows a relationship isnt just about sex..somebody who knows when you wait for the end it always come out the best..somebody who knows that an EX is an EX..and wont make the mistake of cheatin and leavin your heart wrecked...i know what you need..

Support,security,honesty,trust and everything else that i listed..i just hope that you get it and didnt dismiss it..cuz god only knows what id do just to get pointed in your direction..knowin that havin somebody like you feels better beyond any not the type to have you guessin by games i mite play and have you the type to let you know every moment im with you i appreciate your presecense..just let me have the chance to be in the finals..i promise we'll both get back to back rings..ill never switch or leave cuz i adore this shootin for the stars with this one like sunbeams..cuz id hate to see your heart colder than ice cream..this is somethin impossible to ignore..i know what you need..

-TMC Pen Griffey | Haus of Blog Contributor


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