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Pisces Reading - Week of 3/8/2021

This is your Pisces zodiac reading for the week of March 8, 2021.

Pisces, right now you're dealing with a lot, or you want a lot. This is an imperative time to look at things in a different way. There may be someone that is very difficult to deal with. Maybe you feel like you're missing the chance to capitalize something in your work life. Just know that you can do it alone but you don't have too.

Stand up for what matters! Power is all in your cards for the rest of the month.

The intentions you set today will play out over the course of this month and can be incredibly impactfuly if you're clear about objectives. The theme this month is focused on ways you can open your heart and connect with others from a place of compassion and understanding.

Powered by the cast of The Privilege Show: Jovon Pavielle, Cecily Jamelia & Uriel Isaac

Thank you for tuning in to the socially charged, debatable and dope Privilege Show. Until next time, in between time - stay safe, stay consistent and as the streets say "Stay Up".

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