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What's Your Digital Footprint?

With the increasing popularity of social media apps such as Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to name a few, makes it easier to track and create digital footprints.  One method that I use for myself, including any business and/or brands that I am associated with, is to create a unique hashtag. In 2019, the term “hashtag” became more powerful than ever, in terms of not only marketing, but for tracking and analytical data as well.  Google defines the word hashtag as, a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media websites and applications, especially Twitter, to identify messages on a specific topic.”

In addition, creating as many sources aka, making an account for 3-5 social media sites and there you have it!  I like to think of it as the “funnel effect”, which is a broad array of content, coming from multiple sources, that lead back to a main host.  

Performing a search on myself was very interesting.  Not only did my personal images, aka, selfies come up from various social media platforms, but video content as well.  While I’ve known for awhile about the tracking capabilities and what a powerful tool the internet is, tech companies keep developing more and more. By just googling my name, it made me feel like I have a pretty colorful, yet impactful history.  In addition to the search displaying surprising content, it also pulled in other colleagues profile pictures and other interesting information.

Establishing your brand is critical in today's rise of social media and free-internet search capabilities.  Some find it captivating, while others find it disturbing. However, if used correctly, creating a digital footprint can be an amazing opportunity to grow any brand or business.  Over the last 10 years, the internet has birthed some of today’s most viral internet successes. Which in one perspective, can be looked at as creating economic growth by providing opportunities for self-employment, via social media, at no-cost.

However, I would say for those who aren't comfortable creating a digital footprint, I respect your difference of opinion.  I can understand wanting to keep a sense of privacy to your personal life, career and family. If you are looking to gain employment or create a certain type of digital lifestyle, then a well established and credible online presence is warranted and well-deserved.

Not only are some of the top social media apps free, but they also have built in tools to help with growth.  Specifically Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, both have built-in tracking analytics to help understand your market/demographics better.

In addition to attending one of the best film schools in the world, I love to stay creative and proactive.  While learning in school, I take the opportunity to create authentic, ground breaking content. As some of you may or may not know, my background consists of choreography and web design. However, since relocating from Chicago, to Los Angeles I feel inspired to use my love for dance, to merge it with storytelling capabilities to tell compelling and timeless stories.

Since moving to Los Angeles, I’ve danced and choreographed for some of today's superstars, including creative directing and styling.  2019 is my 12th year in the city, and I feel great knowing that my digital footprint is accessible and growing. With podcast production under my belt to add to the ever-growing podcast boom, I am able to interview and talk about socially charged/debatable topics that keep listeners wanting more.  Thus a higher search rate on my name, brands or any affiliations.



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