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Celebrating That Juice - Lizzo’s In Full Effect

By now you should definitely know her name. The full figured, full of fun, full of life beauty known as Lizzo has had an incredible year of taking her music to the next level. She’s made the late night talk show rounds, performed at Coachella, and stunned on the Met Gala red carpet and it seems that there is no slowing her down. On the heels of the release of Cuz I Love You, her third studio album, she’s already set out on tour and I’m pissed that it’s selling out faster than I can get tickets. There’s so much to say about this creative soul but let’s dive into just a few reasons of why she’s a star in the making. 

Talent. She’s got the chops both artistically and on a performance level. Her music is influenced by some of the greatest genre’s and artist giving depth to her fun and funky sound and when she hits the stage it’s delivered with energy levels above 1000. Don’t forget to add that she’s pretty funny too. 

Charisma. Talent aside, she gives you the vibe you need to feel happy, loved, and inspired all at once. Her personality pulls you in and makes you want to enjoy every moment of what you’re seeing.

Positivity. She’s very vocal about having embraced every bit of her life and encourages others to do the same. With so much negativity in the world and nonsense in some music what more can we ask for from a role model. 

All that said, shout out to you @Lizzo for being the kind of artist we all need in our life and providing music we can vibe to.

Check out some of her videos below: 

Written By: Haus of Blog Chief Editor | George Robinson IV  


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