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Victoria Monet Demolishes "On My Mama" - Jimmy Kimmel Show w/ Big Swagga

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Victoria Monet dropped by Jimmy Fallon's "The Tonight Show" this week to perform her latest hit, "On My Mama," off of her latest studio release, "Jaguar 2". The mid-tempo hit has become a viral success thanks to the swaggy music video and futuristic choreography from none other than Atlanta's very own Sean Bankhead.

Let's start by discussing the level of detail put into Victoria's look for The Tonight Show.

Embellished in rhinestones from head to toe and rocking Girbaud jeans (IYKYK), Victoria sported a sexy, sporty, yet dopely-elegant outfit. At the same time, her dancers gave nostalgic Nelly and the Lunatics 90-s esque vibes. Jaguar Jerseys and OMM fitted hats were the perfect compliments to the hit "On My Mama"; all dancers rocked fitted hats that read "On My Mama."

In case you didn't know, Victoria Monet is a young 34-year-old native of Sacramento, CA, and a voicestress with the god body of Nefertiti. Like myself, her ability to kill choreography is a blessing, in addition to her true gift of entertainment. To dance full out with sexy swag while connecting with the audience is not what most can do. She started her journey by singing in the youth choir at her church, performing and competing in city dance teams in her state.


Pause - could these three ladies not be sisters? (Meg Thee Stallion, K. Michelle & Victoria Monet); all compliments, of course. I feel like I'm looking at triplets.

Did I mention that Victoria Monet is best friends with the voice known as Ariana Grande?


Enough of my fanning out, and back to the post. Victoria Monet is here to stay, check out her performing "On My Mama" on The Tonight Show w/Jimmy Kimmel here:


I've been a fan of Victoria's since her single "Moment" from Jaguar 1 took off. Beautiful and superbly talented, Victoria Monet is no newbie to the music industry. Victoria Monet has penned over 25+ songs from some of your favs and their favs.

Here are a few of the hits that Victoria Monet lent her pent to:

  • Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next"

  • Big Sean's "On The Way"

  • Chloe Bailey's "Do It"

  • Chris Brown's "Drunk Texting"

  • Nas "You Wouldn't Understand"

Written by: Jovon Pavielle/@JoJoJovon for Haus of Blog


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