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Online Behavior - Learn How To Act!

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Let’s get right to the point. We live in a world full of platforms that connect us to everyone from our closest cousin to an instagram buddy living in Dubai, that said we tend to lean heavily on these platforms for the majority of our conversations. This is great for so many reasons. Consider the alternative process of sitting on a corded phone, aka a landline (or whatever that is), venting for hours to a friend about your feelings. No screenshots, no gifs, and worst of all no memories of the entire conversation a week later.  We have the opportunity to share not only with those closest friends but many other people who leave comments like #Same. The downside of all this is we can all easily become that friend who shares way too much. The one who thinks everyone needs to know about their cat, or how the guy they keep breaking up with is in the streets again. While it's definitely entertaining no one wants to be put on mute because their squad is tired of seeing too much information. To avoid this I came up with 4 simple rules of etiquette to help you stay in good social graces.

1. DO: Share your wonderful, creative, socially awkward personality. If no one told you, awkward is genuine and genuine is loved. Social networks were created to be just that talk, laugh, share, connect. It’s the place to be outgoing without feeling like you gave too much of yourself. 

2. DON’T: Share your awkward personal moments with everyone. Such as that encounter in the bathroom. No one cares what you did in that toilet, let alone wants to talk about it. We also don’t want to hear about the girl you want to fight only to lose that battle when your friend records it. Again, its comical but do you really want us all to see you like that for years to come? 

3. DO: Take and post selfies. Contrary to some people’s opinion of the selfie being “the worst” seeing you in your element helps people connect to you. As a marketer I know lifestyle images perform better than images with just products, the same is said about seeing you kayaking vs just the kayak. I won’t care and probably scroll right past it. This does also include half naked nudes, we know you want attention and we both know I’m going to double tap it. Just don’t get thirsty, that's not the only good thing about you. 

4. DON’T: Take and post selfies that are clearly bait and embellished. As previously stated, there is more to you than just your half naked body so as you post those pics throw in some interesting content that make you worth following. Circling back to being genuine as well. Your feed showcasing your lavish lifestyle and hot bodies all around you has been repeated by so many people that we all can tell you have a great discount and will probably return everything or know none of those people. Live your best life. Not someone else’s. 

In short, the best way to be a good social buddy is to be you and not be a trend or what you think you need to be. No one can judge you for living the way you want but we share can unfollow.


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