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Police Officer Overdoses from Fentanyl Blown in High Winds

Now we all know the story of the tornado sweeping Dorothy into Oz, but this latest case of a Fentanyl drug overdose has me a bit baffled. It's been reported that the OD was due to high winds. Read on...

CBS12 reports: A Florida police officer is recovering from a fentanyl overdose during a traffic stop in Tavares. And she's thanking her fellow officers for saving her life.

The incident happened around midnight on the night of December 13, 2022.

Police said Bannick followed proper protocols in protecting herself against exposure. She wore gloves and used PPE. But "with high winds and a potent narcotic." she became exposed and overdosed. Officers heard her on the radio breathless and choking. Police said an officer at the scene went to check on her and found her slipping in and out of consciousness. They gave her three doses of Narcan to revive her.

The department said Bannick wanted to release the body camera video of the incident.

She said, "I want the public to see how dangerous this drug really is, "Get. Courtney Sullivan told CBS affiliate WKMG. "She wants people to be educated and that even with safe handling it's still dangerous."

Officer Bannick is now recovering at home. The department says she's eager to get back on the job. The occupants of the car are in jail facing charges." - by Gary Detman (


Now I'm not saying that the wind wasn't strong enough to intoxicate Officer Bannick, but it's becoming too much. This is the 2nd reporting of police OD in less than two years. If you remember, Deputy almost passed in August of 2021. Here is the footage:

Here are some examples of the Fentanyl crisis across the U.S.:

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Was Officer Bannick High?

  • Yep, Definitely.

  • No, it's really possible the wind got her high

Written by: Jovon Pavielle/@JoJoJovon for Haus of Blog

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