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Celine Dion Diagnosed with Stiff-Person Syndrome

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

I wanted to start this article with a bit of backstory on who Celine Dion is. Let's talk about it.

If you should know anything about Celine Dion, its that she is one of the greatest voices of our time. We're talking the woman that crooned out "My Heart Will Go On" for the 1997 blockbuster smash "Titanic". Did I mention it topped the charts in over twenty-five countries, with worldwide sales estimated at over 18 million copies? If you don't remember her, or the song, here it is:

While "My Heart Will Go On" is just a footprint on the indelible mark that she's made in music history, she has many other hits and accolades that make her the timeless, musical genius that she is.

Well it's a sad and emotional day for Celine fans, as she shared her diagnosis of Stiff-Person Syndrome. Before we dive into the emotional video that she shared via Instagram, let's get into what Stiff-Person Syndrome actually is. SPS (Stiff-Person Syndrome) is a rare disorder that affects one in a million people per year. Symptoms of SPS include stiff muscles in the feet, torso, arms and legs. Over time people with SPS may develop an abnormal hunch or posture over time, ultimately resulting in a statue like figure.

It has been noted that Stiff-Person Syndrome is caused by increased muscle activity due to decreased inhibition of the central nervous system.

Currently, there is no cure for SPS. Patients diagnosed with SPS are treated with a combination of physical therapy, muscle relaxants, and steroids. The pain can be described as a devastating condition that can be induced by stress.

Celine is a very strong woman. She lost her manager and husband Rene Angelil died of cancer, pushed through miscarriage and defamation suits. Let's pray for Celine and the world!

Check out Celines brave and emotional (IG) message here:

Here is a comprehensive list of some of Celine's greatest hits:

  • "My Heart Will Go On" - Let's Talk About Love (1997)

  • "I'm Alive" - 2000 Collection (2000)

  • "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" - Falling Into You (1996)

  • "The Power of Love" - The Colour of Love (1993)

  • "All by Myself" - Falling Into You (1996)

  • "To Love You More" - The Colour of My Love (1993)

Written by: Jovon Pavielle/@JoJoJovon for Haus of Blog

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