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Richest Rappers and R&B Singers of 2020

This proves that Hip Hop and R&B is not DEAD! Well not quite yet at least...

As reported by Peyton Blakemore for iHeart Radio - According to Billboard's recently released annual report of the highest-paid musicians of 2020 in the U.S., rappers and soul singers accounted for nearly a third of the 40 artists on the list with four rappers landing in the top 10.

For the 2020 "Money Makers" report, the outlet used U.S.-only MRC Data and Billboard Boxscore statistics to determine which artists brought in the most money, judging by their sales, streaming, and publishing earnings for 2020. Revenue from merchandising, synchronization, and sponsorship — and livestream concerts — was not included.

Following Taylor Swift, who took the top spot earning $23.8 million in 2020, Post Malone landed the second spot with $23.2 million. Drake came in at No. 6 with $14.2 million, while YoungBoy Never Broke Again cracked the chart for the first time at No. 9 with $11.9 million. Rounding out the top 10 was Lil Baby with $11.7 million.

Other notable acts featured on the list include The Weeknd, who placed at No. 11 with $10.4 million, Eminem at No. 14 with $9.7 million, Lil Uzi Vert at No. 15 with $9.5 million, DaBaby at No. 17 with $9.1 million, Future at No. 22 with $8.2 million, Roddy Ricch at No. 24 with $7.4 million, Rod Wave at No. 25 with 7.37 million, Kanye West at No. 30 with $6.3 million, and Travis Scott at No. 35 with $5.82 million.

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