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The Universe's Languages

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

The universe speaks in many languages.

All special in their own way, but none permeate as deeply as music. A combination of harmonious sounds (melody) delivered by a mathematically-sound pattern (rhythm). Although we absorb music auditorily, and physically through the movement of dance, we interpret the universal language with our heart; is it possible that our first experience with musical experience starts when we are in the womb with our mother’s heartbeat? I’m not trying to make scientific statement; just throwing thoughts out there.

Truth is, music, although universally understood, is also very personal.

Have you ever showed someone one of your favorite songs and it doesn’t hit them like you expected?

The songs we might find most moving, might not be the same ones for others. But everyone has their own set of heart-string-pulling songs. Ask someone to describe one of those songs, and why it moves them and I bet you can learn a lot about them.

We can learn a lot about ourselves by the same question. It is a powerful tool that can heal and unite people from all walks of life. I love it and believe in it!

Stay tuned for my exploration into music’s connection to the bible.

By Samuel Garcia #SamsThoughts


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