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NEW MUSIC: "Southside In Christmas" by David Sincere Aiken

With Thanksgiving gone and Christmas rolling right on around, we thought it would be dope to bring you more joy. Your holiday playlist won't be complete without the catchy and uptempo track "Christmas In Southside" by David Sincere Aiken.

We got the chance to drop in on David at the recording studio in Lower Manhattan, as he puts the finishing touches on his upcoming album, "HeartbreakHotel". During our brief interview, here's what he had to say about recording Christmas In Southside.

Haus of Blog: What made you create this holiday song?

David Sincere Aiken: I was inspired to write this song by the original Christmas classic "The Twelve Days of Christmas", which has also been done over by many artists including Destiny's Child "8 Days of Christmas". When I heard Kanye West and Teyana Taylor "Christmas In Harlem", I automatically knew it was perfect for me to blend both songs and have reminiscent feeling of Run DMC "Christmas in Hollis Queens" since I'm born and raised in Jamaica Queens.

Haus of Blog: Are the lyrics consistent with the lifestyle in "Southside" (Jamaica,Queens)?

David Sincere Aiken: The lyrics in the song are very relatable to Queens but to any and everyone celebrating Christmas anywhere... the feeling, swag, and lingo in the record make it Southside Queens.

Haus of Blog: What inspired your creativity for the video treatment?

David Sincere Aiken: The music video was shot on Jaimaica Avenue Colosseum in downtown Jamaica Queens. Funny story is that me and my film crew @juslive took over the mall, no permit and shot the video. After small crowds came around filled with joy, the mall allowed us to continue which was a blessing.

Haus of Blog: What can we expect from your new album Heartbreak Hotel?

David Sincere Aiken: I'm really excited about my new album Heartbreak Hotel. It's a new style, new energy, and new David Sincere. I'm almost fighting to change the name to "The Me Nobody Knows". But it's a very versatile album that gives dance, emotion and knowledge.

One things for sure, David came a long way from playing young Jay Z in his "Wishing On a Star" music video, to appearing on reality shows like MTV Made, Love N' Hip Hop and Black Ink Crew. In addition to choreographing for many of todays artists that include Lil Mama, to now finessing his own distinct music and style of dance.

Check out "Christmas In Southside" by David Sincere Aiken, exclusively on HausHill Entertainment:


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