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Poll: Throwback Music Video (Shorts) Volume 1:

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

HausHill Entertainment (HHE) presents the official #RnBThrowbackVideos ! Step into Volume 1 and take the poll below. This week, we took it back with a few of your favorites, including nostalgic snippets from Luther Vandross, Jimmy Cozier & Dave Hollister.

Watch #RnBThrowbackVideos Volume 1 now -

Only One Can Stay. Who Ya'll Got This Week?

  • 0%Luther Vandross "Take U Home"

  • 0%Jimmy Cozier "She's All I Got"

  • 0%Dave Hollister "One Woman Man"

Tune in weekly Thursdays to take our #RnBThrowbackVideo poll, exclusively here at HausHill Entertainment (HHE).


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